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Privacy Policy

Ares ApartHotel can use the Personal Data (first name, last name, phone, email address, physical address, ID number  etc) of their  customers in order to complete reservations or in marketing purposes, to inform guest on special offers and packages.

According to the European Laws, as a user of a website, you have the following rights: the right to access and modify your personal data stored on a website, the right to oppose, the right of not being subject of an individual decision and the right to address legal entities.

For exercising any of the above rights, in case you want us to edit or remove the personal date stored on our website, please contact us at


Measures taken to protect your personal data

We will make sure that only designated, trustful people or partners have access to our database. Also, these people are obliged to keep confidentiality, in the purpose of completing reservations made by customers, sharing information and marketing purposes.

Our website is built using the Wix platform that has complied to all the GDPR conditions by taking measures to protect the personal data of the customers and to secure their platforms. See here the full GDPR Privacy Policy of Wix.

Reservations are made using the Platform Cloudbeds that is a confiding partner, following the GDPR conditions. Full Privacy Policy of Cloudbeds here.

Printing the personal data of the customers can be made only according to the declared purposes and according to the legislation. External access to the Customer Database is not allowed.

Type of data collected and stored:

The type of data collected and stored are mainly identification data, transactional data, financial data, localisation data, or any other data collected directly from the customers or from the other channels used by our customers to complete reservations.

What we do with the collected data

We use the data collected, only in legitimate reasons like offering products and services, assisting with information and support, marketing purposes and improving our proposals. We only store and process personal data based on contracts between us and our customers/partners in, legal situations, following our legitimate or public interest or based on our guests/customer consent.

Consents given can be modified at any time either from the online account or by sending a request upon the matter, at 0040-730-603-104 or by email at

Occasionally we might transfer collected personal data to perform our legal obligations, or other legitimate purposes, to legal authorities and institutions, notary offices, external consultants that have access to our data in order to perform externalised services, in Romania or Worldwide, but only by making sure we can guarantee the liability of the selected parties.

Data we collect are stored and manipulated on the entire contractual period of time, and beyond at least on the period imposed by legal regulations.

You rights related to Data Protection in general, are:

- The right to be informed - you can always request information on how your data is collected and stored.

- The right to edit your data 

- The right to remove your data stored by others

- The right to restrict how the personal data is being used by the other parties

- The right to oppose collecting and storing personal data

- The right to transfer your personal data to other operators

- The right to make complaints to official Authorities

- The right to withdraw consent in collecting and using your personal data

- Supplementary rights to automated decisions, you can request for human support regarding further information on your personal data.

You can exercise your individual or cumulative rights by sending a written request to Any further questions can be addressed by phone at 0040-730-603-104.

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